English Learning -Sounds of Animals

Sounds of Animals Sounds of Animals donkey brays bat screeches bear growls, snore bee hums bird chirps bull bellows camel grunts cat mews, purts cattle moo, crickets creak cock crows chicken cluck crow caws dog bark, duck quacks elephant trumpets fly buzzes, hums frog croaks fox yelps, barks goat bleats horse neigh lark sings lion … Read more

English Learning-Homes of animals

bull cattle shed bird nest bee bee live bat cave,tree cow cow-shed cock pen dog kennel dove cote dear grassland donkey stable duck water eagle eyrie elephant jungle eskimo igloo fish water goose water hen coop king palace lion den mouse hole monkey tree noble castle owl barn rabbit hutch snake burrow spider web snail … Read more

English Learning – Animals

                    Animals   ass गाढव elk   सांबर   monkey   माकड   Bat वटवाघूळ   Ewe    मेंढी,   mule   खेचर   bear   अस्वल   elephant   हत्ती   porcupine   साळींदर   bison   गवा   fox   कोल्हा   panther   चित्ता   bitch   कोल्ही, लांडगी giraffe    जिराफ … Read more